Homam – fire ritual for god

Ganapathi homam: Lord ganapathi is a key god in Hindu faith. In ganapathi yagna Lord ganesha is conjured up infront of the Agni and also venerated. Lord ganesha gets rid of all difficulties in one’s life as well as gives bestows to achieve a triumph over life. If any individual having kethu dosham or a few other dosham they can accomplish ganapathi yagna. It will certainly offer remedy for their dosha. Before building a brand-new home, beginning a brand-new business this yagna was carried out because work goes successfully with no suspension. It likewise done at the beginning of other homamBenefits: * It eliminates all barriers in life * Difficulties in the path will be ignored. This yagna helps an individual to attain success over Enemies and also in the Court issues. By carry out the Maha Chandi yagna, one can end up being free from evil eyes troubles, obstacles, barriers and they are also bestowed with obtaining healthiness, riches, chastity and also success. Gayatri homam: Gayatri concept homam is praying Lord Gayathri. It uses joyous and also fantastic life to adorer. The individual is able to enhance the strong partnership with their family members by chanting Gayatri Mantra, the positive energy streams in psyche, and its makes person to be powerful. Benefits * To get rid of all the battles in life * It gets rid of marriage barriers * It gives pleased marriage lifeDhanvantari homam: Dhanvantari homam is dedicated to Lord sri Dhanvantari moorthi. He removes all disease and also offers satisfied life. This Homam is carried out for curing incurable condition and also lug away any prolong condition. Benefits: * It gives remedy for incurable health problem * To obtain a long life with health * To obtain delighted lifeAyush Homam: Ayush homam is provided for obtaining a true blessing from Lord Ayur Devatha. By doing this homam one can obtain lengthy life bestows from Lord Ayur Devatha. This homam eliminates all challenges in one’s life. Benefits: * To run away from life string * To treat incurable disease * To achieve success in businessRudra homam: Rudra homam is devoted to divine being siva. Lord Siva is the destroyer of death. By performing Rudra homam we can attain success over death. This yagya helps to regrow the setting. On doing this yagya one can obtain remedy for unpredicted fatality, unexpected death and also serious disability. Navagraha homam: The navagraha are the chief divine beings of this navagraha homam. The Navagrahas are Surya (The Sunlight), Chandra (The Moon), Kuja (Mars), Bhudh (Mercury), Master (Jupiter), Shukra (Venus), Shani (Saturn), Rahu (Rising node of the Moon), Ketu (Coming down node of the Moon). Benefits: It enhance our power to accomplish success It grants good health riches and prosperityLakshmi Narayana homam: Lakshmi Narayana homam is dedicated to divine being narayana and also his accompaniment lord Lakshmi. God Lakshmi is the personification of wide range, where as deity Vishnu is the guard of universe. It brings happiness to the family and likewise it brings tranquility to the household and also workplace. By doing Lakshmi Narayana homam we can get difficulty complimentary serene life. This homam is really reliable for meeting wishes as well as wish of a person as well as his family.