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If you have a story or link that belongs on this page, please let me know. Wearing but plug. Adult Store Movies Webcams. Chastity slave stories. Carol has full, firm breasts and a small waist, but it is her butt that really stops traffic- perfectly curved, she looks fantastic in a tight pair of jeans. But I liked the piercing. Grannie sex tubes. I need to cum. Since you have consented to be my TOTAL slave, I'm sure that you are willing to sign whatever contract I wish. She tried poking her big toe into the cage, which, of course, was impossible.

Finally she mounted me and rode me slowly. The other wrist cuff she attached to my pants. This is a true story and chronicles events that began three years ago. About every 9 weeks they milk my prostate. Chastity slave stories. Sex stories feminization. It might not be so bad. I loved watching her breasts bounce up and down and feeling her body on top of mine, but it was really weird not feeling her pussy even though I was inside of her. Selena took a sip of wine and brushed a lock of her black hair from her forehead.

Working out three times a week kept me fit as well.

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She then wrapped silver duct tape over my lips and wrapped it several times around my head, before finally cutting it off from the roll and smoothing it down over my face.

Male Chastity Stories - ASS CHASTITY STORY. The best of in the thick. I wanted to spice up the bedroom and thought getting a PA was one way of doing this.

She then began to spank me for losing count and that made me feel horrible. It would take weeks for the burns to heal, but as I was to discover, all I had was time. She likes to say that on or wedding day, she put a ring on my finger, but early the next morning, she locked a more important ring around my balls, and she intends to keep it that way.

Fanatique de l'infidelite feminine. Chastity slave stories. That story is very hot. All I could do was watch and try and get free. As we were driving she would honk the horn at trucks and point to me and laugh.

Sarah began to shave my body and make me hairless. New great porn. Suddenly I heard laughter from the next room. An hour later his tongue was beginning to cramp when she finally released him from his duties.

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When they started to slam the stall doors, I got VERY nervous. However, this device was so restrictive, that I could no longer get a full erection. A female voice said: You just might get a nice little reward tonight! The sudden noise from the stereo made me jump. Here I was, naked in handcuffs, a heavy metal collar locked around my neck, a blindfold covering my eyes, and I was in an escape proof cage.

I felt the collar around my neck. But I liked the piercing. Chastity slave stories. Obviously, a person standing by the wall could release a rope and lower any of these things into the cell. I work days and Susan works nights so you will be serving one of us all the time. Real life blow up dolls. She sat the bag on my back and I could hear her unzip it. Pennington - by delfino A Cautionary Tale - by Mortice The Training - by F Nelson A Few Clicks - by Ronin23 The Bench - by Stainless Steel Reversal of Roles Masturbation leads to Servitude and Humiliation The Gift - by Bitch Mistress The Leap - by Anonymous Happy 36th Birthday - By Anon Think Twice - by Anon Supplementary Training - by bink Feel The Power - by bink I dream of Jeannie - by Slave Husband Masturbation Cure - by Captain Anonymous Masturbation leads to Servitude and Humiliation Costs of Post-Marital Masturbation - by Slave Husband Enough for me - by SensualSwitch Enslaved for Life?

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I am also a squirter so there is never a dry spot anywhere. The butt end of various jokes excuse me! At this point, I want to take a small break - and mention some other websites which can be helpful in all kinds of sexual situations. Best of the Web. Tags for this Thread missionary. Being in control makes her feel more secure.

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